About This Website

Ellars dot com has evolved over the last decade, beginning as the personal website of Michael Ellars and continuing into the future as the anchor of the Ellars Family websites.

circa December 1999 - circa Summer 2003
Ellars dot com “Mk. 1” was originally designed as a portfolio site while Michael was still in school.
circa Summer 2003 - circa February 2009
Ellars dot com went through several design iterations until “Mk. 2” finally emerged as the clear winner.
circa February 2009 - circa June 2009
Ellars dot com went to a temporary holding page while Michael prepared the site for the giant transition from a personal website to something for his new family.
circa June 2009
Ellars dot com “Mk. 3” is launched with much fanfare!
Ellars dot com welcome page Natalee Michael